How to Extract Phone Numbers from Files?

Q.1. How to Activate the software?

  Register: To register the Phone Number Extractor Files click on the "Enter Activation Key" Button and fill the Registration Detail with the Activation Code

  Buy : You have to Buy Phone Number Extractor Files to get Activation Code. You Can Buy it From our Site by Clicking on "Buy Activation Key" button.

  Try Demo: You can use demo version of Phone Number Extractor Files by clicking on "Continue in Demo Version" Button.

registration registration

Q.2. How to Add Document files?

Following steps should be done:

  First you run Phone Number Extractor Files

  Now you can Add files from hard-drive by click Add Files button.

  you can add files from a whole folder by click "Add Files From Folder" button.

  If you want to remove some files from a Files List, select files and press delete key on the keyboard or Delete Selected Files option.

  Now press "Start Extracting" Button for start Extract Phone Numbers.

Phone Number Extractor Files Phone Number Extractor Files

  You can set some searching options from "Settings" Panel in Phone Number Extractor Files.

  Setting Show Load Files Option enables this software to showing the loading files option when you want to add files from directory / sub directory.

 Remove Duplicates:
You can Remove duplicate Phone numbers by check the "Auto Remove Duplicates" button from the list.

 Extract Numbers:
You can extract numbers by check the "Auto Extract Number" button and you get the list of Phone numbers from the selected files or folder.

 Text Option:
You can Extract Phone numbers by check the "Text tab" and you get the list of Phone Numbers from the selected option like Plain Text, Text Frame, Header, Footer, EndNotes, FootNotes, Comments and Master Slides.

Phone Number Extractor Files

Q.3. How to Filter Extracted Phone Numbers ?

  If you extract the phone/mobile/fax numbers from Files but some of all extracted phone/mobile/fax numbers are not useful.

  You can add the criteria of removing those phone/mobile/fax numbers in filter of phone/mobile/fax numbers.

  Apply "Filter Phone Numbers" button.

  It will refine the list of phone/mobile/fax numbers according to your requirement.

Phone Number Extractor Files

Q.4. How to Save Extracted Phone Numbers?

  Extracted phone/mobile/fax numbers can be saved in .CSV(OPENs in Excel Format)/.txt/ new Line (OPENs in NOTEPAD) format.

Phone Number Extractor Files

Q.5. How to deactivate or Transfer the License to another Pc?

Go to Help Menu on left Top.
Step 1 : Deactivate from current PC.
Step 2 : Install the software on new PC and Register it with same Activation Key.

Phone Number Extractor Files
Phone Number Extractor Files
Phone Number Extractor Files


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